City Venue Cost Date
Portland, OR Al's Den Free! 2/11/2018
Portland, OR Roseland $22 3/27/2018
Portland, OR White Eagle $7 5/17/2018
Chehalis, WA The Shire Free! 7/19/2018
Port Townsend, WA The Pourhouse Free! 7/20/2018
La Grande, OR Ten Depot Street Free! 7/26/2018
Tri Cities, WA Tagaris Wines Free! 7/28/2018
Medford, OR Johnny B's TBA 8/1/2018
Eugene, OR Agrarian Ales Free! 8/4/2018


Rarely seen anymore, the beast only known as "Jack Maybe" is a bipedal anomaly. He and the monsters who join him are often seen in the Pacific Northwest, travelling around and playing music for those who look fondly upon them. Given enough time, he and the rest of the Monsters will whip into an infectious frenzy that takes over any area they're in. This site is dedicated to the sounds he makes, and his future sightings.

Booking or Contact

If you'd like to contact The Jack Maybe Project, feel free to shoot an email to:


Instrumental Lessons - $35

Instrumenmtal lessons provide the fundamental basics in learning the student's instrument. I specialize in teaching string instruments, piano, and voice.

Music Theory Tutoring/Lessons - $40

Music Theory lessons are for those who are a bit more serious about music. We will work a complete, comprehensive program that starts from the basics, and works its way toward more complex ideas. Music theory will include learning to read music, clefs, intervals, chords, analysis, and a bit of history and ear training.

Classes - $80

Classes are great option for groups who are starting at the same time. Classes last for 45 minutes, and can have up to 4 people learning together. Classes are specifically for beginners, and will also look into pieces and works for ensembles. Each member can learn the same instrument, or different string instruments of their choice.

Old Man Mountain and Other Cautionary Tales

The King of Mayville